An Introverted Blogger’s Holiday Picks

I had an amazing weekend last weekend! I went to a Bucks game, epic seats by the way. With the new arena coming to Milwaukee, I have to start being a fan now ๐Ÿ˜‰ย I had a baptism on Sunday, visited a potential home purchase and had dinner with a good friend on Saturday night, including way too much wine. But I have another highlight, I was on TV. Yes, I know, I didn’t tell anyone!

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Your Man’s Opinion

You have to appreciate the honesty of your spouse on your fashion choices. I feel like most men are kind of like children; they tell you the brutal truth and do not hold back. My husband has always been one for honesty and is always looking out for what looks good on my body type. If he does not like a trend, he will not lie to me.ย  He will let me wear what I want, but will always tell me if it looks bad or great. We have been together for almost 7 years and I’ve often had to justify why I am wearing a certain outfit or paired something a specific way, which usually ends with a roll eye and an ‘okay babe’.

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Paradise for 6 Days

Phew, Monday.ย Mondays are rough in general, but even worse when you just get back from an almost week long vacation to Mexico. We spend last week in Cancun with perfect weather and amazing company. My husband and I became friends with our neighbors a few years ago and swore we would all go on a trip together. Jamie works for a travel agency and shared an all inclusive resort deal that couldn’t be turned down.

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Mixing Patterns & Color Blocking

This weekend I went shopping and my mind sparked while seeing a Dad and Daughter having coffee together. When I was little, my dad and I would go to Barnes & Noble (book store if you aren’t familiar) once a week. We could call it being ‘cafรฉ people’ we would go to the cafรฉ portion of the store and sit there for hours. My dad read or worked on his computer and I would look at fashion magazines. I would have a stack of about 15 magazines and flip through the pages, rarely read… I feel like things haven’t changed ๐Ÿ™‚

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Day to Date Outfit

One of the problems of working a ‘corporate’ job is heading out on the town after and not being able to transition your outfit. I mean who wants to go to happy hour wearing frumpy dress pants, a button up shirt and tote bag filled with business files? I am lucky enough that I work for an amazing family owned business who is totally into art and I can usually push the limits with what I wear to work, while still keeping it business causal and professional.

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