Spring Sweater & Knotted Mules

Phew. The last month has be WILD! I have moved out of one home, into another, am in the middle of a home sale and trying to blog in between… It has been difficult! My current, new home is train wreck as we have not been able to move into our master bedroom yet and have started little projects in almost every room. However, Michael installed some beautiful gray wood floors in our bedroom and we should be set to move in this weekend! Small victory! We went to Home Depot to get started on designing our new kitchen… talk about goodbye savings and #adulting to the max.

Although the house situation has been stressful, I feel SO grateful and blessed with some recent blogging victories. I was asked to judge another fashion show here in Milwaukee, where I worked with a well-known stylist/blogger/photographer, and have a secret, BIG secret, that I can’t open my big pie hole about until June.

In addition to my latest projects, I have been trying to find a happy medium between Spring (AKA still Winter in Wisconsin) and Summer clothing. One of my previous posts gives some tips on the transition, but here is an outfit I put together.

IMG_4771_1000_1 - Copy

IMG_4784_1000_1 - Copy

I fell in love with this gray open cardigan the minute I saw it and have hardly taken it off since!

IMG_4777_1000_1 - Copy

IMG_4783_1000_1 - Copy



Photos by Story Hill Media

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Creative Thinking

Does anyone else feel like their creative mind is the best in the worst situations? Like in the middle of the night, sitting in traffic, or during an important work meeting? Even if I’m watching a movie or TV, I’ll notice a cute outfit and think of a new way to style it. My phone and planner are scattered with random notes and ideas. The fun thing about blogging is that I use it almost as my online diary. If you like what I have to say, stick around; if not, no hard feelings.

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Transitioning Winter Wear to Spring Flare.

Changing seasons can get any fashionista in a tizzy. You go through your closet and think, ‘is that still cool?’, ‘do I need thirteen different sundresses?’ and ‘why did I ever get rid of that jean skirt from high school?!’ But I wanted to write down a few tips I try to keep in mind while switching to warmer weather.

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Art in Bloom

Floral and fashion. What else do you need in life?

A few weeks ago I was honored to be asked by the Milwaukee Art Museum to take over their Instagram account as a guest journalist for their annual Art in Bloom exhibit. Naturally, my answer right away was yes, of course after I freaked out a little (or a lot)! I have always wanted to attend the installation of where local florist are assigned an art piece to interpret and create their own arrangement to be shown to the public for a weekend.

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