Paradise for 6 Days

Phew, Monday. Mondays are rough in general, but even worse when you just get back from an almost week long vacation to Mexico. We spend last week in Cancun with perfect weather and amazing company. My husband and I became friends with our neighbors a few years ago and swore we would all go on a trip together. Jamie works for a travel agency and shared an all inclusive resort deal that couldn’t be turned down.

Last Monday, Michael and I and four other couples gathered our bags, left our worries behind and landed in Cancun early afternoon. We spend most of our time sunbathing, drinking, eating, and exploring at our resort. I was fortunate enough to work with two different swim brands too!

Here are some photos to cap the trip if you didn’t already see about 20 on Instagram! If not, check that out too!  Did you go anywhere special for the Thanksgiving holiday?


I had been eyeing up this amazing suitcase on Instagram for while… it was a perfect excuse to get it! Check out their amazing designs here! I still cannot believe I fit a weeks worth of clothes into a carry on!

The coziest sweatshirt here. Would you believe me if I told you I was wearing a Harry Potter tank top underneath that… you should because I was 😉

My ‘Basic Beach’ tank is from one of my favorite collections – T&J Designs based out of Chicago. Exact shorts are here.

This beautiful palm print top is from Hapari. It is seriously so comfortable and helps in the bust department for us ladies in the Itty Bitty Titty Committee without looking like a Playboy Bunny. Most of their suits come in multiple different styles that meet everyone’s body type! My favorite thing about this top is that the back is adjustable and the neck straps are thicker so they aren’t digging into your skin.




I may or may not have work this swimsuit as a tank top with a skirt. How amazing is that?? This is another Hapari swim suit.

Beach Arm Party – a must.

A few of the bracelets are from Pura Vida Bracelets. They have the most amazing dainty pieces made for layering. They are all hand made in Costa Rica and are one of a kind.

The long orange tassel is from on of my favorite jewelry designers here in Milwaukee: Canela Canela

The others were picked up in previous Mexico trips and a few from Aldo.

I did not want to take this suit off. Swoon Swimwear is a local Midwestern company who makes their suits entirety in the US and all labor is ethical.The quality is stunning and who could say no to a reversible swimsuit!? Shop this exact suit here.


A few on my co-workers already made fun on me… “Do you actually go in the water with those earrings?!” The answer…. NO! I am a Cat when it comes to water, if I am waist deep I am happy! The two pair of earrings I wore with most of my suits were these and these!

Similar dress – here | Necklace – Nordstrom Rack | Belt – Vintage | Shoes – Aldo

Another T&J Designs tank!

Jamie and I! Wearing these earrings.

Winter florals are all the range, I bought this dress at my favorite discount store but have some similar looks here and here!

Earrings – exact | Swimsuit – exact | Dainty Pendants – similar

We may or may have not snuck into a new hotel next door with a private pool. Opps 🙂


Swim up bar! The sunglasses I have on are from ILY Mix, I wore about 3 of their shades on this trip. Everyone loved these mirrored ones because they get to look at themselves. Check out their site, you can get 20% off your entire purchase by using code ‘RIVA20’


Our group on our last night by the poolside fire place.

16 thoughts on “Paradise for 6 Days

  1. Oh my! This looks like such a fun trip! I have never been to Cancun and I have some serious travel envy right now ! I would love to go! Your suits were so beautiful! Especially the blue floral one you can wear with a skirt! Sooo cute! I love that basic beach tank too–I love a good pun! I hope you had a wonderful time!


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