New Wash hair challenge.

Kate Kent of Confetti Salon has challenged me. If it were for anything else I would have probably said no, but beauty related, YES, bring it on!

To preface this entire blog post, I have the most naturally greasy hair ever! My hair will be oily by noon if I shower in the morning. I should have invented dry shampoo, I could have owned an island with my wealth by now. I have been using baby powder in my hair since high school! My mom told me the trick, I find that it works better than any other dry shampoo… but that is for another post.

Kate had colored and cut my hair for about three years now. She was recommended to me by my Mom and I have been seeing her since! Before meeting her at a local salon, she was an Instructor at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness here in Milwaukee and assisted on a team at Fashion Week. She also is on the artistic team for FHI. About a year ago, Kate started her own salon on the east side of Milwaukee called Confetti Salon. Since branching off on her own, she started using brands of color and products I had never heard of! One of my favorite things about Kate is that she is so knowledgeable and interested in new products. She introduced me to the brand Hair Story a few visits ago and raved about the products and concept behind the New York based brand.  She asked me to ditch my chemical filled shampoos and conditioners and give Hair Story a go.

Hair Story’s shampoo called New Wash cleans you hair with aloe and essential oils – instead of detergent. Below is a video that shows you how nasty normal shampoo is!

Now the thing I love about this shampoo is that you only need this one product! I am sure you ladies are the same as I am… You have a shampoo for when you want your hair soft, one for when you don’t care, one for when it is Tuesday, the list could go on! By switching to New Wash, I literally have one go-to shampoo. My hair gets happier and happier with each use! Here is my play by play!

Wash 1.

It was very interesting to not have a foam. I was skeptical before using it the first time, but once I got the shampoo in I understood. I used a dollop of Daisy size amount in my hair. My hair grows like a weed and it always seems one day I go, Wow! My hair is long!

I blow dried my hair a bit before going to bed and woke up to it feeling a lot more clean than it usually does.

Wash 2.

Kate warned me about this… make sure your rinse all the shampoo out! I showered at the gym (I’ll use that as my excuse) and once I got blow drying I knew I didn’t get it all out. I went to dinner looking like a slime ball!

Week 2

I can tell the difference. My hair usually snarls into a dread. My hair feels softer and stays clean longer than it would with another shampoo. For example, I was able to coast through not washing my hair for five days! I hate washing my hair because the time it takes to brush and blow dry is so annoying. By not taking as much time to brush because it’s not as snarly, I will not dread it as much!

My consensus, I am converted to Hair Story’s shampoo. The science behind it makes me happy and proud to use it. But having the product meet my standards is even better! By not washing my hair as often, I am saving money and not using conditioner also earns me an extra latte a week!

Give it a try by buying it here! Looking forward to what you think!



44 thoughts on “New Wash hair challenge.

  1. I’m intrigued by this; so you don’t use conditioner at all, just the shampoo? My hair is quite thick and if I don’t use conditioner, trying to get a brush through it is painful. I absolutely hate washing my hair because it takes so long to style, so this might be perfect for me!

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    1. No conditioner at all! Because of the essential oils in it, it moisturizes your hair in the same way conditioner would. I use the wet brush to untangle my hair after a shower, after using New Wash a handful of times, it was a LOT easier to comb through!


  2. I wish I could buy a travel size to see how it works for me. Just bought Oribe shampoo and conditioner only to find that I spent $100 to make myself look like I was wearing a plastic witch wig.

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