PJs & Baubles

When you are allowed to wear a PJ top to work, it’s a good day. This pajama top trend is so amusing to me, but I LOVE it! I discovered trendsetters wearing PJ tops and bottoms about a year ago and I find it so fun that we can literally wear pajamas and it is trendy now.

This is what makes me love fashion so much, it is so unpredictable! This ‘roll out of bed’ look has been spotted on models, actors and bloggers alike! I am always one to try a trend and see if it’s for me, what’s the worst thing to happen… someone makes fun of me? Oh well!

I paired my discount (under $25) top with some shredded tops and loafers.

What is your favorite trend?



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55 thoughts on “PJs & Baubles

  1. Honestly, I would never have known that was a PJ top! It really just looks like a collared, button-down black blouse with white detailing that you’d find at a department store with all the other businessy garments. Working from home, I get to my PJs all day if I want. But they are never as chic as your silky pajama top!

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