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On a positive note…

Can we talk about all the negativity these days? I seriously want to delete my personal Facebook.  I value people’s opinions even if they clash with mine, but I wish people would see the bright side in all situations.

So, that is what I wish to do with this post! Here is a list of things I am happy and grateful in life for!

  • I have a place to call home
  • I have a job
  • I have a loving partner in life
  • I have food to eat everyday
  • I have family and friends to rely on
  • And lastly, I am able to publish this blog as a hobby

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Jacket – exact | Sweater – Discovery Clothingsimilarsimilar | Earrings – exact |      Jeans – exact | OTK Boots – similar | Purse – exact & original

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  1. I couldnt agree more with the whole personal Facebook negivitity. I love that green moto jacket. Loved this positive post.

  2. You look adorable!! And I LOVE those boots!!! Swoon!

  3. Gratitude is a great way to practice self care! Looking at the positive things in our life makes our life more rewarding. Keep looking for the positives and I’m sure you will find many more things to be grateful for. Some people even like to keep a gratitude journal.

  4. The jacket was the perfect touch! You look amazing. And I completely agre. Its like people are trying to find something to complain about. Thanks for staying positive!

  5. Love the positivity and the mix of greens in this look. I wouldn’t have thought to pair forest green with olive, but I’ll definitely have to try it now. Also, you look so pretty in these pics!!

    Miles of smiles,

  6. I’ve been in a run lately and even the smallest things get to me. It always helps when you focus on what you’re grateful for. and there is always something to be grateful for.

  7. What a great post!

    Yes – delete your Facebook! One of the best things I ever did for myself.

  8. Love the outfit! I agree, so much negativity, but we just need to keep looking at the positives! Found your blog from The Capsule Suitcase, and she said you’re from Wisconsin. I’m a Wisconsin blogger too, from Madison. I also work in the marketing department of a property management firm! 😉

    1. Thanks Kelsie! I’m glad we found each other! Small world! What company do you work for? I work for Burke Properties 🙂

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