Flower Child

Well you may be seeing a little less of me in the next couple weeks, we officially closed on our new house yesterday! Wahoo!! We have keys in hand so I guess I can spill the beans! It’s a beautiful vintage (over 100 years old) farm house about 20 minutes from downtown Milwaukee. In addition to the vintage feels of the house, I will have my own walk in closet room (yes, I took the 4th bedroom and made it my own). Anyone else do this? I need major suggestions on shelving units and to see what people like and hate! As Michael is a mechanic by hobby/trade, he is thrilled to have the four car barn garage. I have a dream closet and he has the dream garage, we are both over the moon!

Michael and I are very excited to make the house our own and give it the Treasure flare πŸ™‚ We moved in a couple boxes last night and I plan on having a cleaning party this weekend. In case that is not a thing, I am officially making it one. It will entail anyone who wants free food and prosecco in exchange for a bit of elbow grease and a case of OCD to come help me clean. Moving into any new apartment or house, I feel you need to get to the knitty gritty and clean the hell out of it! Do you agree?

Anyone else have any fun moving suggestions?

With that being said, work with me ladies, I may be a bit absent for a bit. Mainly because my clothes are in garbage bags literally in my car as I type! With Spring taking forever to come, when it is nice out, I find it a perfect reason to try on a new dress. I love the design of this one below!

Shop my Look!

Dress – StyleWe (c/o)| Β OTK Boots – Discovery Clothing – similar & similar | Clutch – exactΒ Β  Β Earrings – exact

56 thoughts on “Flower Child

  1. This outfit is screaming my name. Flower child for life!

    Good luck with the move! I moved my apartment and my boyfriends this past summer when we bought a house together. He’s a musician and was out on tour so I took lead on everything. AHHHH! Can be so crazy but so rewarding once it’s done!

    congrats on your new home!


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    1. Yes, love anything floral!! Wow, I would not be able to do the move on the own!! That’s so amazing you were able to do that and yes, I completely agree, once the chaos calms, I will be so excited for the new house!


  2. Oh my gossshhh I’m so jealous of your closet room! I had one at my parents house in college. But, then my adult life and kids got in the way πŸ˜‰ ! But, it is on the list for our next home! So happy for your purchase! An antique farmhouse with a closet room, is living the dream! Congrats!


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