Art in Bloom

Floral and fashion. What else do you need in life?

A few weeks ago I was honored to be asked by the Milwaukee Art Museum to take over their Instagram account as a guest journalist for their annual Art in Bloom exhibit. Naturally, my answer right away was yes, of course after I freaked out a little (or a lot)! I have always wanted to attend the installation of where local florist are assigned an art piece to interpret and create their own arrangement to be shown to the public for a weekend.

The art museum was amazing to offer me free reign to attend any educational seminars and to shop at the local artisans while at the exhibit. For the last three years, the museum has added a fashion show called Beauty in Bloom, where floral companies get to create their own wearable floral art. Just about every piece of material on the model’s bodies were made out of flowers or plant life. When I had asked the Marketing Director to see if I could attend the show, she told me that she could do one better and asked me to assist three other local Milwaukee art lovers to be judges for the fashion show. I was ecstatic and naturally said yes! What was so interesting about the event was that we were given a chance to discuss the floral pieces before hand with the individual florist teams and get an up close and personal look at their garments. The stories and thoughts behind the pieces were mesmerizing, not to mention the details were absolutely stunning. One of the florist traveled up north Wisconsin to a friends cabin weeks before the show. She was hiking through the woods and was inspired, every piece on her dress was made from moss and bark from those woods.


Here I am with my lovely fellow judges! From left, fellow fashion lover, Jordan Dechambre (check out her blog!) me, Michael from Educators Credit Union and Lilly from the Milwaukee Art Museum’s garden club!img_3567

This detailed gown was based off Belle for Beauty and the Beast! img_3562

















On Sunday, I attended Art in Bloom and took over the Instagram for the Milwaukee Art Museum. The thing I was most blown away with (other than the floral pieces) was the amount of people at the museum on the last day of the show. Guests of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and races were at the museum that day. There were kids and grandparents, the show really catered to everyone. There were over 40 different floral arrangements, some were small and others were humongous. Some floral artists included different materials other than flowers and or plant life. Below are a couple of my favorites.

My co-journalists for the day 🙂

This little girl was a perfect photo opp. Her name was Iris (how fitting) and she was drawing the painting on her scavenger hunt sheet.

There was even live music playing in the middle of the museum exhibit.

One thing I appreciate about our museum here in Milwaukee is that no matter how many times I go I never get sick of it and always find new and exciting pieces. Check out their Instagram page to see what I shared and what the other guest journalists loved here!

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