Transitioning Winter Wear to Spring Flare.

Changing seasons can get any fashionista in a tizzy. You go through your closet and think, ‘is that still cool?’, ‘do I need thirteen different sundresses?’ and ‘why did I ever get rid of that jean skirt from high school?!’ But I wanted to write down a few tips I try to keep in mind while switching to warmer weather.

Keep it Neutral, Dress up Accessories

Don’t get all crazy with colors right away. No need to bust out the sundresses just yet, you will have plenty of time for that. You know we all have those days when we wish for the opposite weather. I suggest taking neutral and classic pieces and mixing those with statement accessories such as a big necklace or fun clutch!

1 (shoes) | 2 (camel) | 3 (fringe tote)| 4 (sea glass necklace)| 5 (puff hoops)

Mix seasonal Pieces

Throw on those sandals even through it may be 50 degrees. Mixing sweaters with skirts can be a good way to get the best of both worlds! I am a huge fan of a flared skirt with a chunky sweater.

1 (gingham mini)| 2 (mustard slit skirt) | 3 (white OTS top)| 4 (denim ruffle midi)|  5 (lavender cardigan)| 6 (chunky knit sweater)

Layer. Layer. Layer

Working in an office, I am always cold. Even if it is 80 outside, it’s bound to be in the 60’s inside so layering is your best friend. Not to mention, the weather in Wisconsin in particular can be so unpredictable! Luckily the 90’s trend of tying your shirt around your waist is back. Seriously though, does anyone else feel 10 again when they do it?

1 (cream cardigan) | 2 (floral bomber) | 3 (jean jacket)| 4 (bell sleeve open sweater)  5 (pink zip bomber)

Buy a Couple Staples

Although you never know what the trends are going to be for the upcoming season, I try to get a couple basic items for Spring/Summer. Even if they just sit unworn for a month or two, it gives me the hope and excitement. that the warmer season is coming!

1 (mauve dress)| 2 (white jeans)| 3 (denim dress)| 4 (classic sandals)|5 (envelope clutch

38 thoughts on “Transitioning Winter Wear to Spring Flare.

  1. Yes, layering is so important! It can be really warm during the day, but as soon as the sun disappears behind the clouds it actually still gets pretty chilly.


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