Creative Thinking

Does anyone else feel like their creative mind is the best in the worst situations? Like in the middle of the night, sitting in traffic, or during an important work meeting? Even if I’m watching a movie or TV, I’ll notice a cute outfit and think of a new way to style it. My phone and planner are scattered with random notes and ideas. The fun thing about blogging is that I use it almost as my online diary. If you like what I have to say, stick around; if not, no hard feelings.

Last week I went to a Rising Tide Society meeting with some local girl bosses. If you are unfamiliar with the group, it’s a place for entrepreneurs and creatives to come together and educate, mentor, and build each other up. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss strategies on our personal businesses. Beforehand we had an assignment to take a personality test. The questions were sneaky, for example: ‘when given a task, how likely are you to finish it?’ or ‘Do you feel awkward in large groups of people?’ I was rated 75% extrovert and 25% introvert. I agree with my results on that aspect. The others were intuition vs. observant, thinking vs. feeling, judging vs. prospecting, and assertive vs. turbulent. I was almost 50/50 on those. The group was split up and we discussed our results and how to work with clients with opposite personalities. I thought it was so interesting how differently people think and how I was able to imagine being in someone else’s shoes.

While most of the extroverts agreed that being with people brings our spirits up, other people said that when they are in large groups of people, they need a day or two to wind down. I met a friend and her husband over the weekend and he said he didn’t mind waiting in the car while we finished up. It was a prime example of what a few of the ladies said in the meeting, crazy timing. What I appreciated most about the meeting was hearing how other people think and how they work through their insecurities.


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