Basic Outfit

I’m not sure if it is me getting older or trends changing, but I feel that a pair of skinny jeans, a tucked basic tank top and statement shoes can really be amazing. Although I am fond of more outlandish trends- like ‘the bigger the sleeves are better’ or poms- I feel like the classic style has changed and I’m okay with it! Sometimes toning down your outfit can really make it better. As CoCo Chanel said herself, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”


Sometimes I feel like I need to wear a few statement pieces to make my outfit, but other times I find myself admiring the basic styles of other bloggers or celebrities. Naturally the outfit wouldn’t be ‘riva-esqe’ unless there was a piece of gaudy jewelry on my body.

I have been trying to buy more classic pieces and less crazy printed or trendy pieces. Especially pieces that are made for multiple seasons. The perfect time to search for these items are in the beginning of a season, a.k.a. NOW!

I bought this denim jacket a few weeks ago and have been wearing it non-stop. I paired it with the basic v-neck tank, which I have bought in literally every color, and dark denim. The beautiful Kendra Scott rose gold necklace and earrings came in my latest Rocksbox package. If I haven’t recommended that service to you, do yourself a favor and sign up. You are sent three jewelry pieces and you wear them and send back once you are done and receive three more days later! It’s a fun way to try an unexpected piece of jewelry without buying it. Use my code ‘RIVABFF4’ to get your free month!

P.S. Did you guys see my cool new logo? I will be putting it up on my Instagram in the next couple days! If you do not already follow me, go ahead and click that rectangle ‘follow’ button 😉


IMG_4737_1000_1 (1)






IMG_4742_1000_1 (1)


Photos by Story Hill Media

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Denim Jacket – exact (sold out) – similar | Top – exact & similar| Necklace – exact | Earrings – exact | Jeans – exact | Clutch – exact (sold out) – similar & similar | Bracelet – exact & similar | Watch – exact | Shoes – exact

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