Vintage YSL

Well ladies, it had been one of those weeks! I am so ready for the weekend! My stress level due to moving, renovating and just dealing with general life has been overwhelming…. so I will keep this short and sweet and just about the clothes!


On a daily basis you will find me in high waisted jeans or pants. I was telling a friend once you go granny, you can’t go back. Although my Husband calls them my Grandma pants and whines when I wear them, I think they are flattering on most people. They give you that extra length and a slimming look.

I paired my black jeans with a striped bodysuit. I know I am a bit late of this trend, but body suits are amazing. Although it’s pushing the thought of children in the near future, those snaps are so time consuming *eye roll*. However it’s super comfortable and you don’t have to worry about the re-tucking of your top throughout the day.

My vintage Yves Saint Laurent scarf I purchased on eBay. It came from Croatia (I’m part Croatian so that made me happy) and I’m in love. It’s a large size and can be worn multiple different ways. When I get sick of it, I’ll throw it in a frame and hang it in my home! Shopping vintage is one of my favorite things in life! I dream about who had the item before me and how glamorous they were!

Does anyone else love finding vintage treasures?



Matcha tea lattes are my absolute favorite! Do you have an unusual drink order?



Photos are done by a cool friend of mine! Sammy has her own blog here, check it out! She even a feature on yours truly!



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Top – exactsimilar & love this one| Scarf – vintage, similar & similar | Jeans – exact & similar | Sunglasses – exact | Watch – exact | Bracelet – exact | Shoes – exact & similar

21 thoughts on “Vintage YSL

  1. You’ve sure got alot on, hope you manage to de-stress this weekend! I remember bodysuits being on trend when I was a young teen lol… I remember that they are fiddly and time consuming!

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