Boots in Summer

I have some exciting partnerships happening this Summer! One is with Harley-Davidson footwear! I was thrilled when they reached out to me about their newest Spring/Summer collection. As some of you may not know, my husband is a Mechanical Engineer for Harley Davidson, so I thought this would be a blast to team up! Not to mention, my husband is not a fan of photos or social media so some amazing boots were a good bribe to get him to take a few photos.


It’s funny when it comes to social media, seriously we are exact opposites. Although, I did introduce him to Instagram about a year ago and he’s into finding cars and motor stuff that I don’t really get.

We do one thing in common- our love for shoes. Did you know Michael and I met working at Aldo together? Yes, it’s true! He was working there because his best friend was the manager and needed weekend help. He told him, “discount shoes and you get to help hot girls all day.” Extra bonus that he got to marry his hot co-worker!

What I love about these boots are they are super comfortable and can be worn in any season! As a Wisconsin native, I do not skimp on a good pair of boots. With the cute cut out details on these booties, they are adorable paired with jeans or a sundress! The quality is top notch also. I opened the box and could immediately smell the quality of the boots. Sounds weird, but as an ex shoe store manager, I know the difference between quality and not.


We had such a fun time taking these photos! This motorcycle is brand new for 2017 and it was beautiful! That was actually my first ride on a motorcycle too! We rode from our house in Mequon down to the museum to take some fun pictures. Even if you are not a Harley fan, the architecture alone is stunning. I highly recommend taking the ride there.

Check out their entire collection here!

This post was sponsored by Harley Davidson, all opinions are my own! 😀

25 thoughts on “Boots in Summer

  1. kikiinteriors

    I love these! My husband had a pair of Harley Davidson boots years ago and loved them – thanks for the reminder…I need to check these out again!


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