My Style Evolution.

A few days ago my coworker/friend and I were talking about her and her daughter’s trip to Marshall’s. She was explaining how her daughter picked out a cold shoulder shirt and is SO excited about it. She said shy was posing in the mirror and saying how pretty she looked in it.

It reminded me that when I was younger, I was such a tomboy. I hated wearing colors; I would only wear blue! I would ask my Mom if I could get a shirt and she would respond, “only if you get it in a different color.” Nope. I also hated jeans, it literally blew my mind that people were able to wear them and they wouldn’t fall down because they didn’t have elastic. Leggings and sweatpants were my best friend.

As I got more into middle school, my sister told me, “if you want to be cool you have to wear Abercombie & Fitch.” Obviously listening to my older sister’s advice I did. High school was a different story. As I became more confident, I started to branch out with my style. I began to own my style and wear whatever I wanted. I honestly did not care one bit if people made fun of me or bothered me about my style. I came to the realization that dressing like everyone else makes you like them, and I wanted to be myself and stand out. I began shopping at thrift stores and dressing super weird.I admit that now. (ha)! But honestly, I rocked it.

As I started to get older and had office jobs, I had to adjust my style and be professional. I still occasionally wear a funky outfit that will get looks or comments by coworkers. I am SO thankful that my day job isn’t in a completely business attire setting.


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32 thoughts on “My Style Evolution.

  1. I used to be such a tomboy too when I was younger. But I have three older sisters who are into makeup/fashion so I think I just naturally outgrew the tomboy phase and got interested in fashion!


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  2. I definitely had the same exact experiences! It isn’t until about 2 years ago that I started to change my style – just because I was used to wearing scrubs 24/7 for work. Work can definitely help evolve your style for the better!

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