My Nordstrom Sale Picks

I have been a Nordstrom lover for years now. My first credit card was actually from Nordstrom in order to save a couple bucks on some Tory Burch shoes, worth it. In addition to insider tips and notes (free money!) I got the opportunity to shop the sale before anyone else! Nordstrom cardholders got to start stocking up their fall wardrobes on July 13th. The sale went public TODAY and runs until August 6th. After the 6th the prices bump back up to their original price. Believe me, if you find something you like, BUY IT! It will not get this low in price until it’s gone!

Here are my favorite picks; click for exact links to shop!!

What are you planning on purchasing? I’ll be sharing my pieces once they arrive!


Under $50.00


I have the black Lush long sleeve in a few different colors, it’s a great staple for Fall or under a sweater in Winter!


You really cannot go wrong with a classic black blazer! This one looks like great quality!

Loving these Textures!



A bit of a splurge




9 thoughts on “My Nordstrom Sale Picks

  1. Amy M Erickson

    this is a great collection! And I see what you mean about it going fast. The cardigan I would snatch up in a second but it’s already sold out!


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