How to find outfit inspiration in your every day life

I often get asked where I find inspiration for how I dress and my personal style. My answer is almost always the same– everywhere! Literally every single place, every single day.

Academics were never my strong suit. I mean, my sister-in-law proofreads my blog posts if that doesn’t give you a hint about how much I hated school. However, I remember finding inspiration in history books. I would look at the way the people in my history books dressed and would feed from it! It also made me wonder how we have got so far and how many new styles have come around.

It wasn’t until I went to school for fashion that I started to actually care about getting good grades. Maybe it was because it was something I was passionate about. Well, I can’t deny almost falling asleep in ‘textiles’ classes multiple times, but the way fashion and retail have evolved is SO cool to me! I don’t think I could tell you the 50 different types of collars or the 40 different sleeve types, however that was the ONLY time I got over 100% on tests!

So when you are walking down the street, take a look at the other pedestrians and what they are wearing. You may have a similar piece that you would have never thought to style a certain way. Or vice versa, you may inspire someone to try a new style they didn’t feel comfortable doing until they sawsomeone else wearing it. Also, don’t forget to compliment them!


IMG_3251 - Copy

IMG_3248 - Copy

I found inspiration for this outfit by a mannequin on display at a store! I saw the way the tank top was over the tee shirt and thought it was really cool. Thank you to the visual merchandiser at Forever 21 for making my shopping visit too easy. P.S. When am I too old to shop there?

IMG_3237 - Copy

IMG_3272 - Copy

IMG_3260 - Copy

IMG_3276 - Copy



All photos by Sammy of My Midwest is Showing

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Orange top- Tops: White Tee Shirt – exact – Tank – similar | Jeans – Forever21, similarsimilar| Bag – exact | Shoes – Discovery, similar| Earrings – exact | Watch – exact


24 thoughts on “How to find outfit inspiration in your every day life

  1. Love how you take inspiration from things around you in your everyday life! Some of the best ideas are those that come from those lightbulb moments. Look forward to seeing what other creative outfits you put together!


  2. I love this color and you are rocking it! I am starting to get excited for fall – I think I need to invest in a warm terra-cotta color like this! Gorgeous styling and I love your tips too! Inspo IS everywhere! XO

    Liked by 1 person

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