Pops of Colors

You know when you get out of bed and just want to get ready, go to work, and then come home and go back to bed? The last thing you want to do is pick an extravagant or complicated outfit. A good rule of thumb I use is letting my accessories do the talking. Which let’s be real, I always have gaudy accessories on, so they are usually the statement of my outfit!

In this outfit I paired a simple, but trendy Zara top, with jeans and bits of color in my accessories. I found this belt brand (Raina Belts) on Instagram and obviously needed the pineapple one. They have the cutest belts! I wore my usual Bauble Bar sea glass necklace and threw on my coral mules that I wear literally everyday. I had a friend ask me if I could please stop wearing them, ha! Not until Fall!

You can really apply this rule to any season. In winter you throw a cute scarf on a sweater and you are set!


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Top – Zara, similar & similar| Necklace – exact | Belt – exact | Clutch – H&M, similar   Jeans – exact (I cut holes) | Shoes – exact | Ring – exact (color bar)| Bracelets – vintage

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