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White After Labor Day

Well, it may be the sad in-between stage of summer and fall, but the weather is just as unpredictable as I am with what to wear. I mean, I didn’t even know how to categorize this blog post. We are in the days of having your seat warmer on in your car during your morning commute and the windows down on your way home. Now we all know the rule; no white after Labor Day. But let’s just be real, it can still be 80 degrees and you just have to wear a dress! I’m finishing off my summer blog posts with this beautiful palm print dress.

Now let’s hold on as long as we can to those sun dresses before we move onto jackets, over the knee boots, and cozy scarves. OK actually, that doesn’t sound too bad. What can I say? I love fall and winter the most. It must be my Wisconsin blood. Or maybe it is because people stare at my pale stems in summer, ha!

What are you most looking forward to this fall?





I would like to say Tory Burch made these earrings for my last name, Treasure, but I don’t think that is the case 🙂


I thought this belt was so fun when I found it at the thrift store! I feel like they don’t make accessories with the love like they used to. I have probably over 50 vintage belts, I always say, ‘when in doubt, belt it!’


The handbag is also vintage! It is Paloma Picasso! I feel in love with the ‘X’ design with a pair of Tiffany and Co. earrings I own, anytime I see that design, I have to purchase it!


Photos by the magical GE Creative, LLC

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Dress – Discovery Clothing, similar & similar| Belt – vintage, similar & similar| Necklace – Forever 21, similar | Shoes – similar | Handbag – vintage, similarsimilar| Watch – exact | Bracelet – exact


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  1. I love this look and I feel the same way! How can it be so chilly in the morning and so hot in the afternoon? It’s so confusing when trying to find something to wear! Have a great weekend! xo Jana |

    1. Exactly! Make up your mind mother nature! Thanks for reading Jana!

  2. I am ALL about white after labor day & that bag is just perfect. The weather here is so annoying too, but when all else fails, pack a cute cozy sweater! x Shannon ||

    1. Thank you! One day we will get fall and probably complain about it ha!

  3. I refuse to pay attention to the “no white after Labor Day” rule. LOL
    I love your look, it is simple and airy, with a touch of sass (love those necklaces)!

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