Let your accessories do the talking.

Well, the holidays are over… Anyone else in a way relieved? Now it’s time to focus on the new year, for me that means new goals and new projects for my life and WRW. Check my Instagram the first week of January for an epic local giveaway!

For this post, I am showcasing literally the easiest outfit to put together. A basic black blouse and fun accessories. When in doubt, recreate this outfit. Accessories are really my favorite part of fashion and styling. In all my years of working in retail, I was never interested in working at a clothing store. Clothes can be so trendy, but jewelry or handbags eventually make a point of coming around every couple years.

This year I spent the holidays with family and friends, nothing too crazy, but as always very special. What was your favorite holiday memory?



Photos by Say Hello Story

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Top – exact, similar | Earrings – exact| Belt – exact | Pants – exact, similar |Shoes – similar & similar | Handbag – exact | Bracelets – vintage | Watch – exact

4 thoughts on “Let your accessories do the talking.

  1. Cat

    Where do you live that allows you to wear so few layers this time of year 🙂 Quite jelly and wishing I could bust out my open toe boot heels. Yours are kickin’ as is the rest of the outfit.

    Liked by 1 person

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