Why you should stop comparing yourself to others!

Well, we are officially in our first couple weeks of 2018. I love the beginning of the year, I think you can feel an all around sense of purpose anywhere you go. You can tell people are trying to better themselves and to make more conscious life decisions. Me on the other hand, I am planning on staying the same with a few little edits.

In a realistic world where I am sure we all have an idol that we would like to be like or even a person we know who has great personality qualities we try to embody, I think it is time that we all learn to love ourselves and what makes us different. I know I have many friends that I love for different reasons and I’m sure they feel the same about me. Like my friends who can pull together a cute DIY project in a few hours, or the friends who spend their weekends hiking… Two things I don’t regularly do, ha!

The thing about social media that I often have to remind myself is that most of it isn’t real. Or, it has been staged so much that it takes the fun out of taking the photos and sharing the moment all together. One of my 2018 ‘edits’ not ‘new years resolutions’ is to share more real life moments on my Instagram account.

For example, I have had these photos for months! My Photographer sent me a message, ‘did you get those, do you like them?!’ I sometimes feel the pressure to have to make the best blog there can be, but also, I am only human. I work full-time and started my blog as a fun hobby to show off my outfits and opinions on life. I don’t plan on quitting my day job anytime soon… Unless I win the lottery… Then I would work 10 hours a week at my favorite retail store or volunteer full time at the Humane Society. But I don’t want to feel the pressure anymore, so now, I am just taking it day by day and if I post photos from months ago, who cares! It’s almost better for all my readers because half my outfit is now on sale!

What are you 2018 ‘edits’?



Photos by GE Creative, LLC

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30 thoughts on “Why you should stop comparing yourself to others!

  1. Sina K

    What is your tip for rocking bell sleaves?! I always feel like I can’t wear them because they seem to find their way into EVERYTHING! Is there a trick I don’t know about? LOL

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    1. I wish I knew of a secret, they can be very annoying while trying to eat, haha!! I fold them up when I am doing something when I need them out of the way. Let me know if you find out a secret 😉


  2. Love this look! Dressy and comfortable all in one! You look beautiful! I totally agree about not comparing. So many of us bloggers work full-time in other careers, and we should take it a little easier on ourselves if we can’t (yet) operate like some of our favorite full-time bloggers that we follow!! As Hemingway said, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your formal self.” xx, Lindsay

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