90’s Vibes

What goes around comes around, right?

Well, the 90’s grunge look has been in style for a while and I just haven’t felt ballsy enough to try it. I grew up in the 90’s, so there is something about a jean jacket or cropped tank top that I really enjoy, but I just didn’t think I could pull it off… Maybe I can, maybe I can’t; I will let you guys be the judge! Growing up I was a total tomboy (weird and unexpected… I know) so mixing some over-sized pieces with sexy ones was fun! I got a bit of courage to step out of my style box when I teamed up with Pretty Little Thing. Their clothes are trendy, fashion forward and most excitingly, affordable! What I love about their items are that you able to wear them day to night! I styled this outfit with that in mind.

All photos are outside of one of my favorite Milwaukee landmarks, the Milwaukee Art Museum. I have always been obsessed with the architecture of it and have a soft spot in my heart because the owner of my company was a large donor for the wings that open twice a day. I know I don’t need to tell my local followers to head there, but my out of towners, if you are ever in the Milwaukee area, this is a must see.



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Spring up your Wardrobe with the Goodwill Sale at Boston Store

It’s my favorite time of the year! Kind of kidding but kind of not! The semiannual Boston Store Goodwill® sale is officially on until March 24th and, luckily for you, I teamed up with Goodwill® Industries International to showcase their spring sale at Boston Store and the Bon-Ton family stores by showing you my purchases and sharing my shopping experience!

So, first things first,- I cleaned out my closet. Now, you all know by now I am a major hoarder so this can be difficult sometimes. I have really been trying to slim down my wardrobe and purge items I don’t wear anymore. Thinking about how just one bag of clothes donated can create an hour of on-the-job training for someone who needs help finding a job definitely helps motivate me!



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Does Size Really Matter?

The embroidered trend is still killing it.

I found this beautiful funky sweater at TJ Maxx. It was on sale for $28.00, and had only one issue… it was size 1XL. My friend suggested I try it on anyway, so I threw it on in the aisle over my blazer/tank combo and thought it was so cute. Do sizes reallllly matter though? I usually look at sizing at normal retail stores, but I can tell you when it comes to vintage shopping, I NEVER look. And it’s funny when people ask what number size I am… I have NO idea.

Are you weird on sizing too?




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My Favorite Workout: Barre District

I want to preface this blog post with one thing: I am no fitness blogger. But a girl has to stay fit… I mean, semi fit because ya know, carbs. So I thought I would start a little series about my favorite workouts coming from a normal person!

I was introduced to barre classes a few years ago when the studio opened up new near my house. I had never really heard of barre, but thought it would be fun to try and was instantly hooked. I have struggled for so long to find a workout that I love. I was either not coordinated enough to go to zumba, my feet fall asleep on the elliptical or I was just standing around, people watching of course. I also feel like when I am at the gym, I’m kind of clueless as to what to do on all the machines. I grew up competitively Irish dancing, so running on a treadmill just doesn’t cut it for me. I try to explain in the way that I was trained for 14 years to give it your all for two to three minutes of dancing. Obviously we practiced for hours, but I do not have an stamina. Barre classes are great to all ages, size and body types.

I want to also mention, this post is not sponsored, I just LOVE barre! One other thing that drew me to immediately to Barre District in particular was Christina, the owner. She is hilarious, so motivating and all around an amazing person. The vibe of the classes is always positive with a goofy mood. You can easily make an obnoxious, “this move is hard” face at anyone in the class, and you won’t get a crazy look back. I never feel judged and everyone that attends the classes is super laid-back. Christina also throws crazy classes like on the riverwalk in downtown Milwaukee, on the floor at the Bradley Center and her next class, on stage at the Marcus Center for Performing Arts. She also knows how to throw a bad ass party after a 60-90 day challenge.

So, if you’re local, give it a try! The first class is free!

What is your favorite workout?




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