My Favorite Workout: Barre District

I want to preface this blog post with one thing: I am no fitness blogger. But a girl has to stay fit… I mean, semi fit because ya know, carbs. So I thought I would start a little series about my favorite workouts coming from a normal person!

I was introduced to barre classes a few years ago when the studio opened up new near my house. I had never really heard of barre, but thought it would be fun to try and was instantly hooked. I have struggled for so long to find a workout that I love. I was either not coordinated enough to go to zumba, my feet fall asleep on the elliptical or I was just standing around, people watching of course. I also feel like when I am at the gym, I’m kind of clueless as to what to do on all the machines. I grew up competitively Irish dancing, so running on a treadmill just doesn’t cut it for me. I try to explain in the way that I was trained for 14 years to give it your all for two to three minutes of dancing. Obviously we practiced for hours, but I do not have an stamina. Barre classes are great to all ages, size and body types.

I want to also mention, this post is not sponsored, I just LOVE barre! One other thing that drew me to immediately to Barre District in particular was Christina, the owner. She is hilarious, so motivating and all around an amazing person. The vibe of the classes is always positive with a goofy mood. You can easily make an obnoxious, “this move is hard” face at anyone in the class, and you won’t get a crazy look back. I never feel judged and everyone that attends the classes is super laid-back. Christina also throws crazy classes like on the riverwalk in downtown Milwaukee, on the floor at the Bradley Center and her next class, on stage at the Marcus Center for Performing Arts. She also knows how to throw a bad ass party after a 60-90 day challenge.

So, if you’re local, give it a try! The first class is free!

What is your favorite workout?




Me signing the 100 class board! Wahoo!


Sore AF – how relatable.


All photos shot by GE Creative LLC at the Bay View Barre District

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11 thoughts on “My Favorite Workout: Barre District

  1. I live near the Bay View Pure Barre and want to give it a try — probably not until our schedule eases up at the end of the season! I’m obsessed with ZenZen Yoga Arts in Walker’s Point. I take an aerial hammocks, lyra or bungee dance class at least once a week. Sounds like it’s a similar atmosphere — we laugh a lot!

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