90’s Vibes

What goes around comes around, right?

Well, the 90’s grunge look has been in style for a while and I just haven’t felt ballsy enough to try it. I grew up in the 90’s, so there is something about a jean jacket or cropped tank top that I really enjoy, but I just didn’t think I could pull it off… Maybe I can, maybe I can’t; I will let you guys be the judge! Growing up I was a total tomboy (weird and unexpected… I know) so mixing some over-sized pieces with sexy ones was fun! I got a bit of courage to step out of my style box when I teamed up with Pretty Little Thing. Their clothes are trendy, fashion forward and most excitingly, affordable! What I love about their items are that you able to wear them day to night! I styled this outfit with that in mind.

All photos are outside of one of my favorite Milwaukee landmarks, the Milwaukee Art Museum. I have always been obsessed with the architecture of it and have a soft spot in my heart because the owner of my company was a large donor for the wings that open twice a day. I know I don’t need to tell my local followers to head there, but my out of towners, if you are ever in the Milwaukee area, this is a must see.



Can you tell it was a bit windy this photo shoot day?!


Leopard is a neutral in my mind!


Photos by GE Creative, LLC

*This post was sponsored by Pretty Little Thing. Thank you for your continued support so I can work with these amazing brands!*

19 thoughts on “90’s Vibes

  1. Mei

    This is such a nice place to take photographs. The ripped jeans and the shoes are my favorite. I just check out their website and I love how the style are trendy and affordable. Thank you for giving us fashion tips and where to shop items that won’t break the bank.

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  2. Everyday Countess

    This lacey top is so sexy! What a great addition to this look. I am in love with these leopard booties too! I have never been to Milwaukee but definitely need to visit!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love how you paired it with bold earrings and the lace shirt!!! This is a look I could definitely see myself having fun with! (posted from the wrong account lol you can delete the other comment if you’d like!)

    Liked by 1 person

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