Dressed Up – Hair Story Part 2

Many of you may have read my review of Hair Story‘s shampoo, New Wash. If not, you can find it here! A little back info, Hair Story was introduced to me by my fabulous hair stylist, Kate Kent of Nice Hair. She is always looking for natural and innovative products, as she is representing herself in the hair styling industry. She introduced me to Hair Story earlier this year and I LOVE IT!  New Wash, their only and best shampoo cleans you hair with aloe and essential oils – instead of detergent. I was treated to the rest of the products and cannot wait to share my opinions with you!


Now that I am hooked on New Wash, I am easing into the next product, called Dressed Up. I’m simplistic when it comes to hair – basically I just don’t know what I am doing 😉 so when I was introduced to a product that my stylist said I ‘couldn’t really mess up’, I had to try!

What’s great about this product is how it makes your hair feel after you put it in. I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way, but when my hair is clean it’s sooooo uncomfortable. It’s so soft and moves too easily and drives this gal crazy! When you put a pump of the Dressed Up in, it feels better in seconds without it feeling crispy or heavy.

My hair is stick straight – like STICK straight. I sometimes joke it looks like I’m wearing a wig. After putting just one pump in my hair and scrunching it up, I had some volume and a bit of a wave. I have tried so many products to get that ‘beach waves’ look, leaving me with nothing but a slimy head and flat hair. After using Dressed Up, my hair almost looks better the next day. The ends aren’t flat, but they have a nice fluff to them and I have volume throughout my entire head!

The other thing I love about Dressed Up is that it holds curl longer. I use a cheap rod to curl my hair, mostly because I don’t know how to use my fancy curling iron that JoJo Fletcher convinced me I needed – but also because it is the only thing that has actually curled my hair! I curled it on Monday morning and I am STILL rocking a nice wave on Wednesday night!

You can check out Dressed Up and the rest of the Hair Story line here! Give it a try!


Shop my Look

Shirt – exact (on sale for $6.99) | Earrings – similar | Pants – exact | Shoes – exact | Rings – exact, exact | Phone case – case station (c/o)


Old pic here from when my hair was longer after using Dressed Up…


26 thoughts on “Dressed Up – Hair Story Part 2

  1. Your hair looks so healthy! But I can’t get over that top and the phone case and earrings! I wish it was still cold weather so I could buy the turtle neck 😦 but I wouldn’t be using it for months lol

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  2. Patricia @ Grab a Plate

    Your hair looks fab! Sounds like great product, which is always essential 😉 Also love your entire look, but especially crushing hard on your rings!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. babylovesberry

    The feel of a fresh washed hair used to bug me a lot before too. Not anymore because my hair structure changed lately and it’s not that light anymore . But I feel you:)

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