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Classic Chanel

The last couple weeks I have been hearing and learning more about the benefits of being humble. I hope most of you agree when I say, I believe I am pretty humble and take it as one of the most positive qualities of my personality. I think a lot of us take our daily lives for granted until something bad happens. I can’t say this has happened to me on multiple occasions… I always think about when I’m sick, I sit there and feel bad for myself and think, “God, I just want to feel normal and I don’t even remember what it feels like to not be sick”. I mean, I am a bit dramatic, but it’s when something isn’t going my way that I think, boy, life is good when it’s good.

Now speaking about life being good… It’s always a good day when my boss comes into work with designer pieces she wants to give me! She gave me this AMAZING Chanel blazer a few months back and I have been nervous/excited to wear it. The quality and details on it are exquisite. The silk lining has the signature “C’s” on it and has a beautiful gold chain along the edge. Not to mention all of the gold buttons have the C’s on it too.

So, what are you grateful for??



Back story on this hilarious interaction. I went to Drybar a couple weeks ago, bought some dry shampoo and forgot it there. Little did I know when I was booking it to my car, Bennett (pictured below) was screaming my name running after me with my bag. Joy (Drybar Owner) said it was hilarious and shared the story with me on IG later that day. While Kirsten and I were taking photos across from Drybar in the Third Ward, Bennett popped his head out the door and said, “I’m getting coffee if I do this…” Then he reenacted running and screaming my name across the street, ha!! It made my day and am so happy I have documentation of it.


Waving at Joy!


Photos by Kirsten Martinez Photography

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Jacket – Chanel, similar | Pin – similar | Top – Shirt | Jeans – exact | Heels – exact| Earrings – exact 


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  1. The Chanel jacket looks fabulous on you!

  2. Love this outfit! Absolutely stunning blazer. I love that necklace too!

  3. That’s adorable. I love Bennett!

  4. It’s a gorgeous outfit!

  5. What a lovely gift to get. Chanel jackets are the best. Fun photos too.

  6. I love your jacket! And those pastel shoes are the perfect complement.

  7. OMG how do I find a boss like yours?! This is an amazing jacket! I am grateful for my husband and my baby boy! xo

  8. Omg! I am Inlove with that blazer. Her gifting this to you just show how good you are as a person and as part of the team. I cannot wait to see you soon and atleast even just touch that beautiful blazer.

    1. I know, I will have it for forever!!! Thanks for reading Briana!

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