Roses and Rosé: How to Throw an Insta-Worthy Wine Party

When I found out National Wine Day was May 25th, I was shocked because, 1. I didn’t know (shocking right?!) 2. It’s my wedding anniversary and that makes it even more fun! So what’s the perfect way to celebrate? A wine party!

Naturally I went instantly to my inspiration… Pinterest! I knew I wanted wine, which means I needed cheese too. I have only made a couple charcuterie boards, and find it can be kind of overwhelming.

I knew for the wine party I must to go to my number one place to shop for food, Sendik’s. I took this opportunity to shop beforehand at the Corners of Brookfield and then head to the Sendik’s that is located within the lifestyle center. Naturally I knew what I wanted, but who am I kidding, do I realllllly know anything about wine? Other than being a regular at Ruby Tap (local wine bar with wine vending machines and truffle popcorn), I know not to buy the cheapest and cannot afford the most expensive. Maybe that isn’t even the best system, but who knows!? Luckily Sendik’s has a large in-between section for the casual wino like myself. I decided it would be a rosé kind of night so I chose a couple bottles that looked fun. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but I always judge a wine by its bottle. That is one thing I love about wine tastings, I can’t make a judgement on the wine before I taste it, because I haven’t seen the bottle.

I also knew I needed cheese. Now, as a Wisconsinite you would think I would know more, but wow are there so many options. I’m not going to lie, the variety of cheeses can be intimidating, but luckily I haven’t met a cheese that I do not love.

Next, I headed to the olive bar where I found an array of already seasoned olives, cheeses and other charcuterie essentials. Makes it so easy to add those extra luxe pieces to your plates!

Final stop. Flowers. I always find the BEST flowers at Sendik’s. They have blooms I have never even heard of and I can always count on them to have an amazing pre-made bouquet in case you’re in a hurry…most likely me, anytime I am responsible for picking up flowers. Isn’t the vase below so adorable?! I loved the colors of the flowers and eucalyptus always makes your house smell amazing.



Punch is a mixture of strawberry kombucha, water, sparkling water, lemons and limes.


Spot a little kitty in this pics…??


Wollersheim is one of my favorite local wine brands. I would love to get to their winery in Prairie du Sac someday!


My mystery husband comes into the pics to feed me cheese, but won’t let me take a photo of him… Anyone else have an anti-social media husband?? Ha!


Can you tell someone does not like the spotlight?? 


She does like to be stretched though… 


Here are my vision photos from Pinterest


How did I do??

So, here are my recommendations for an epic party:

  • Make it picture worthy (spread out the wine and cheese giving people spaces to socialize)
  • It’s all about the details (my kind of Pinterest fail of the flower ice cubes)

No matter what, make sure everyone has a full glass of wine!

Photos by GE Creative LLC
*This post was sponsored by Sendik’s at the Corners of Brookfield. I LOVE this store and hope if you’re local you shop there too!*


22 thoughts on “Roses and Rosé: How to Throw an Insta-Worthy Wine Party

  1. Mei

    What a beautiful wine party you have there. Your anniversary is coming soon and I didn’t even know it’s national wine day either. This one will be easy for me to remember May 25 is my birthday too. Wish you guys life of bliss.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Riva!!!!! This is absolutely stunning! Oh my gosh I might have to steal one of these photos for my IG if you don’t mind. I didn’t know you had a kitty too! Soo cute. I love the tips and I can’t wait to recreate this.

    Liked by 1 person

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