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Now I know I have said this a million times, but my absolute favorite thing about blogging is meeting new people and finding new businesses to support. I started my blog about two and a half years ago and since then I have met countless people I may or may not have ever met otherwise. There are brands I wouldn’t have ever discovered and stores I may not have been introduced to. It’s funny how a couple years can make such a difference and made an impact on the way I shop now. I would much rather take the advice from a reputable blogger the way I share my honest opinions with others, to help make shopping easier and more efficient.

I was introduced to Willow Boutique by email and was instantly drawn to the shop. Although it’s located three and half hours north, I am still one to support a local-ish store over a national chain. They were kind enough to gift this adorable outfit and I cannot wait to share their store with you all! When you get a minute, go to their website to see their amazing selection of pieces to elevate your closet!

I often drive down Lake Drive (for my non-Milwaukee followers, it’s the fanciest block with all the houses facing Lake Michigan) and have always loved a particular house, with amazing landscaping, so decided to feature it today. I figured I wasn’t trespassing, and the likely-hood of the owners following my blog was slim. And I mean, I am technically on the sidewalk 😉 But I figured the outfit I had on was the definition of the most Summer Uniform so their flowers were the perfect backdrop.

Now to the outfit… I was drawn to the fun woven straps on this adorable Knot Sisters top and I even got a compliment from my husband, who never notices my clothes… I mean unless he’s making fun of me or telling me I look really good. The Joe’s Denim skirt is a great addition to my summer and fall wardrobe. I am excited to pair it with a sweater and pair of booties. Naturally I don’t take my Gucci belt off so I thought it’s presence was a great addition.

Have you found a store through social media or a blog that has impacted your closet?



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Everyday Favorites with Evereve

So, where I’ve been shopping…

I hope I’m not the only one that cannot quite get the in between of a super dressy and a super casual outfit…? Ya know when you look at your closet and think to yourself, “I just want to be comfortable, but I want to look nice and fashionable”. Cue in Evereve. With a mixture of casual, dressy, trendy and designer pieces, believe me, you can’t leave empty handed. I knew I was in trouble the second I got to the store. Mel (Store Manager) was putting the easel sign outside The Corners of Brookfield location, and I instantly saw her adorable leopard slides. One of those, don’t question, just buy, moments kicked in. Hence why you see them here.

My experience while shopping at the store was what was the fun part. There were about five stylists working, all of whom gave me recommendations, friendly critiques and very nice compliments, while trying on half the store. All of the stylists are trained in finding the best pieces for your body type and style. Their ultimate goal is that you leave happy.


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Milwaukee Moments: The Best Brunch, Hotel Madrid

Brunch: The basic Wisconsin staple for a Summer Sunday

I decided to document one of my favorite brunch spots, Hotel Madrid. I love the restaurant for almost too many reasons; their food is delicious, staff is fabulous and the decor is Instagram worthy to say the least! They kicked off a new menu for summer and I was lucky enough to get to try it out on the first day it debuted to the public!

Enjoy all the photos below and I hope you have a chance to get over to Hotel Madrid very soon! I am running a giveaway for two tickets to their next event, the Summer Cookout. Check out my Facebook page on how to enter! Drop a comment below with your favorite brunch meal for an extra entry!


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