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The Perfect Summer OOTD

Now I know I have said this a million times, but my absolute favorite thing about blogging is meeting new people and finding new businesses to support. I started my blog about two and a half years ago and since then I have met countless people I may or may not have ever met otherwise. There are brands I wouldn’t have ever discovered and stores I may not have been introduced to. It’s funny how a couple years can make such a difference and made an impact on the way I shop now. I would much rather take the advice from a reputable blogger the way I share my honest opinions with others, to help make shopping easier and more efficient.

I was introduced to Willow Boutique by email and was instantly drawn to the shop. Although it’s located three and half hours north, I am still one to support a local-ish store over a national chain. They were kind enough to gift this adorable outfit and I cannot wait to share their store with you all! When you get a minute, go to their website to see their amazing selection of pieces to elevate your closet!

I often drive down Lake Drive (for my non-Milwaukee followers, it’s the fanciest block with all the houses facing Lake Michigan) and have always loved a particular house, with amazing landscaping, so decided to feature it today. I figured I wasn’t trespassing, and the likely-hood of the owners following my blog was slim. And I mean, I am technically on the sidewalk 😉 But I figured the outfit I had on was the definition of the most Summer Uniform so their flowers were the perfect backdrop.

Now to the outfit… I was drawn to the fun woven straps on this adorable Knot Sisters top and I even got a compliment from my husband, who never notices my clothes… I mean unless he’s making fun of me or telling me I look really good. The Joe’s Denim skirt is a great addition to my summer and fall wardrobe. I am excited to pair it with a sweater and pair of booties. Naturally I don’t take my Gucci belt off so I thought it’s presence was a great addition.

Have you found a store through social media or a blog that has impacted your closet?


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Top – Knot Sister from Willow Boutique (C/O) | Earrings – exact | Belt – exact | Skirt – Joe’s Jeans from Willow Boutique (C/O) | Sandals – similar | Bag – vintage, similar

Photos by GE Creative, LLC 

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  1. Love this outfit! Denim skirts are so in this summer!

    1. Thanks so much Taylor!

  2. Nice post

    1. Thank you!

    1. Thank you!

    1. Thanks!

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