A Weekend in Seattle

Chicago, New York, Miami, and Seattle: what do all of these cities have in common? They are the pillars to the United States, and I have to visit them all. Seattle was the lastest trip, and I LOVED it!

Michael and I were lucky enough to get the Southwest Companion Pass, meaning we spent way too much money on house renovations and this was a friendly kickback from our favorite airline. The Companion Pass means Michael flies anywhere in the United States with me for an entire year. Due to craziness and life events, we have only been able to go to two places, Colorado earlier this spring and now, Seattle!!


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Pretty in Platinum: Luxe Jewelry by Platinum Born

You all know I am jewelry obsessed. Costume, custom, and luxury, I love it all. I would say I have more pieces of jewelry than I do clothes and handbags. My Mom always said I got the jewelry gene and I am proud to embrace it. She grew up working at a jewelry store and has been collecting pieces from a very young age. Anytime I get to raid her jewelry boxes, I am there. We attend wholesale jewelry shows where we purchase loose stones, vintage pieces and most of the time just drool over the beautiful handcrafted pieces.

Coco Chanel once said, ‘take one piece of jewelry off before you leave the house’. I have never been able to stomach that advice. You will find me with multiple bracelets on, probably two stacked necklaces, and always a pair of earrings on! Partnering with a beautiful and elegant jewelry line is a dream come true. I may be a bit too much when it comes to the jewelry department, but the simplicity of Platinum Born has me believing I could be a one necklace woman.

I was approached by a local high-end jeweler, Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers, I was ecstatic to work with them. Supporting local has always been my number one goal so visiting the jewelry store that has been family owned since 1899 was very special. The store carries beautiful engagementĀ rings, earrings to make a statement, luxury watches you can’t get anywhere else and lucky for you… A beautiful and elegant collection called Platinum Born.

I’m not sure about you, but when I hear the word platinum, I instantly think of quality, luxe, and class, and that is exactly what the entire Platinum Born line embodies. As seen on the likes of GiGi Hadid and Priyanka Chopra, you feel fabulous when you have it on. It’s timeless but modern. The simplicity of the necklaces is inviting to even a beginner jewelry wearer. Made only from platinum the pieces are handcrafted to give the illusion of diamonds and believe me, it takes the eye a while to figure that out.

You don’t have to take my word for how beautiful and versatile these pieces are, take a look below.



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