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5 Summer 2020 Fashion Trends I’m Loving

There are so many fun and unique trends this summer, but here are just a few that I have been really enjoying!

Platform Sandals

I love a shoe that gives me a little bit of a boost in height and bonus, most platform shoes are super comfortable!

Shop this Look –
Shop this Look –

Baby Doll Dresses

Whether it is a big sleeve, baby doll waist, or tiered dress, they are all hot for Summer 2020!

Shop my Look –
Shop my Look –

Bold Florals

Florals are timeless in my opinion. I am a huge fan and love finding new, fun prints.

Shop my Look –
Shop my Look –

Layered Gold Chains

You know I love my jewelry and you know I love gold jewelry, so this was just perfect for Summer 2020 fashion.


Yes, I did it. I’m sorry. You may not enjoy wearing a face mask, but let’s be real, they aren’t going anywhere soon!

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  1. That hydrangea dress is lovely!

    1. Thanks!!

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