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Boujie Backyard Birthday Party

My birthday is in the middle of summer, and I always have a birthday party. Do I love my birthday? No. Do I love a good party and attention? Yes. I usually invite everyone and their mom over to enjoy a good BBQ that sometimes turns into a camping sleepover in my backyard. With Covid-19 still a concern, I decided this year would be an excellent opportunity to keep it more intimate, yet also enjoy and document a fun party. Que, my boujie backyard party.

My husband and I have been working hard to get the inside of our home up to par, meaning the outside and backyard have taken a backseat. When we purchased the house back in 2017, we knew many of the dead trees in the backyard would need to be taken down. We had a few concerning trees that could have potentially fallen onto our home or our barn, so it was time to remove them. About six of the trees were taken down about a month ago, and I had no choice but to make my husband create a fun photo backdrop in our yard. I figured if we had to take the trees down, and already have plenty of firewood, I should at least get some good use out of the dead ash trees. Once the wood wall was set up, I imagined a quant outdoor picnic and decided to use my birthday as the excuse for a party!

What the night entailed? A whole lotta cheese, prosecco, and good laughs!

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