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The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep!

One of the first things to go when I found out I was pregnant was a good quality night’s sleep. On top of the hormones and anxiety, my old mattress was the icing on the cake for lack of much-needed rest. Honestly, throughout my pregnancy, sleep has been hit or miss, which is frustrating when you aren’t feeling well to begin with.

With the addition of my giant pregnancy pillow and 80-pound dog, my queen mattress was not cutting it, and I knew it was time to upgrade before our baby boy made his arrival. As many people like to remind me, I will be sleep deprived as a new mother. I knew a good quality mattress would help get as much rest as I physically can with ease. I wouldn’t say you need to be a rocket scientist to assume a good night’s sleep sets you up for a successful day, pregnant or not. I can personally say, with a good night’s rest, I am more focused and optimistic heading into the following day. Prioritizing my sleep is super important as a first-time mom as time to sleep will be sparse; It is essential to get as much sleep as I physically can with a newborn baby. 

On a mission for great sleep, I started at the source, the mattress! As I have partnered with Colder’s Furniture for an awesome makeover of my loft space, I knew they would be the perfect partner to find the best mattress for me and my growing family. I had the pleasure of partnering with the Restonic sleep experts at Colder’s Furniture. And I have to say it wasn’t until using my new Restonic Mattress that I was truly able to enjoy a night’s rest before my first child’s arrival in a few weeks!

Technology mixed with comfort, the Restonic mattresses carried at Colder’s Furniture are far superior to their competition. With intentional lumbar support and triple cooling aspects, their mattresses are honestly like sleeping on a cloud! The mattresses also offer an exclusive AlumiLast® Memory Foam that actively works to pull your body heat away from the surface of the mattress so there is no sleep disruption for feeling too hot or too cold. Not to mention if you prefer a firm bed, or a super plush and soft style, they have a mattress for every person. Plus, Colder’s will be there every step of the way to help you find the best fit for your lifestyle. 

From the time I get into bed, I want to make sure I can fall asleep right away, and I know I am set up for success with my new Restonic mattress. Through a survey of previous Restonic customers, an astounding 96% of the women polled said they would absolutely recommend Restonic to their family and friends in turn awarding them with the Women’s Choice Award®. If that doesn’t make me trust them even more as a woman/new mother, I don’t know what could! 

I can proudly say within days of receiving our new Restonic Mattress, my sleep has already improved. As you can expect, with the recent addition of a baby, setting myself up for success for rest is super important, and I feel fully prepared with my new mattress from Colder’s Furniture. You can read all about my mattress shopping experience at Restonic here.

*This blog post is in sponsorship with Restonic and Colder’s Furniture. All opinions are my own.*

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