I’m Pregnant with Baby No. 2

I have some super exciting news, I’m pregnant with my second baby! It’s wild to think I will have a second when I truly can’t even believe I am a mom. I mean, I am only 24 years old, ha. Nope, in all seriousness, this pregnancy is a GERIATRIC one as I will be 35 in July. Pretty insane term to throw on us old ladies, right?!

It was even harder this time around to keep the secret! While I was pregnant with Magnus, I was working from home, the world was still kind of shut down and I truly could get away without leaving the house for weeks. This time around, I had to hide it from coworkers and man, did I start to show quickly this time around! I was out of jeans by ten weeks!

I’m thrilled Magnus will have a sibling, and it’s wild I will have two babies under three years old. If you have any words of encouragement, send them my way!

I prompted you all on my Instagram for questions and will write another post answering all of your questions! Feel free to reach out on my Instagram if you have any burning questions.



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