How to look cool in hot weather 

One thing I appreciate about working downtown Milwaukee is being able to explore! I have lived in the Milwaukee area all my life so it’s all I know, but I love it! I moved to the Third Ward (art district) my junior year of high school. To say I am a city girl is an understatement; I love the hustle and bustle and how something is always going on! Honestly for Milwaukee being a small, but big city, I often miss events because I never heard of them. But what is fun is you can always count on finding something new in the city, whether it’s a new restaurant or a freshly painted mural.

For example, the day I took these photos my co-worker/friend stormed into the office and said, “we are going to find Beyonce’s yacht on our lunch break.” How do I even say no to that?? Turns out, a local couple chartered the same yacht that Bey and Jay-Z were on a few months ago! We found the massive boat and then wondered around the lakefront. If you saw my Instagram story a few weeks ago I talked about it and got tons of messages asking if she was really in Milwaukee. Just call me Perez Hilton because I started a big rumor!


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Lake Effect Co.

The effect social media has is truly magnificent. I have been so fortunate to meet so many different people over the last couple years. I discovered Katherine’s blog, Lake Effect Co., by a fellow blogger and friend, Sammy of My Midwest is Showing. We met briefly at a Rising Tide meeting in Milwaukee and again at a flower crown making party! Since then, I can’t stop checking out her posts and pictures to see what she’s been up to and obviously living vicariously through her fun adventures!


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Wedding Wear

It’s wedding season baby! The anxiety has kicked in.. what do I wear to my co-worker’s wedding where I don’t know anyone? Is it appropriate to wear red to a conservative wedding? It’s a good friend’s wedding, can I rock off the shoulder? YES!

The dress I am rocking is from Lizzibeth here in Milwaukee and would be perfect for a summer wedding! What I appreciate about shopping local is you are most likely not going to be wearing the same thing as anyone else because boutiques only have a few sizes! You can find Lizzibeth in the Historic Third Ward and also shop her pieces online here!

Do you have any favorite wedding dresses? Anything but white, people!


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My Style Evolution.

A few days ago my coworker/friend and I were talking about her and her daughter’s trip to Marshall’s. She was explaining how her daughter picked out a cold shoulder shirt and is SO excited about it. She said shy was posing in the mirror and saying how pretty she looked in it.

It reminded me that when I was younger, I was such a tomboy. I hated wearing colors; I would only wear blue! I would ask my Mom if I could get a shirt and she would respond, “only if you get it in a different color.” Nope. I also hated jeans, it literally blew my mind that people were able to wear them and they wouldn’t fall down because they didn’t have elastic. Leggings and sweatpants were my best friend.

As I got more into middle school, my sister told me, “if you want to be cool you have to wear Abercombie & Fitch.” Obviously listening to my older sister’s advice I did. High school was a different story. As I became more confident, I started to branch out with my style. I began to own my style and wear whatever I wanted. I honestly did not care one bit if people made fun of me or bothered me about my style. I came to the realization that dressing like everyone else makes you like them, and I wanted to be myself and stand out. I began shopping at thrift stores and dressing super weird.I admit that now. (ha)! But honestly, I rocked it.

As I started to get older and had office jobs, I had to adjust my style and be professional. I still occasionally wear a funky outfit that will get looks or comments by coworkers. I am SO thankful that my day job isn’t in a completely business attire setting.


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Designer at a Discount

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to second hand shop. I hit up as many thrift stores as I can to dig and find interesting and unique pieces. Now the hard thing about doing that is you often leave empty handed and disappointed. But often enough, I leave with an epic one of a kind item that will stay in my closet for forever! (more…)

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