Does Size Really Matter?

The embroidered trend is still killing it.

I found this beautiful funky sweater at TJ Maxx. It was on sale for $28.00, and had only one issue… it was size 1XL. My friend suggested I try it on anyway, so I threw it on in the aisle over my blazer/tank combo and thought it was so cute. Do sizes reallllly matter though? I usually look at sizing at normal retail stores, but I can tell you when it comes to vintage shopping, I NEVER look. And it’s funny when people ask what number size I am… I have NO idea.

Are you weird on sizing too?




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Winter Wonderland

Snow. It’s so beautiful and I don’t care what anyone says! My hair stylist put it in an interesting way, she said, “every snowflake is different and there are millions of them, how is that not amazing?!” #WordSister.

My friendographer, Gina of GE Creative, had mentioned she wanted to do a winter shoot. What I love about Gina is I sent her an obnoxious Snapchat asking if she needed a ‘snow queen’ for the day and she said, ‘YES’. We took ourselves out in the frozen tundra (what we call Wisconsin 60% of the year) and had a blast!

It was a great opportunity to model her handmade knits! In addition to being a great photographer, she is a very talented jewelry and knitwear maker! Take a look below and look at her site linked down there too!

Do you like the snow??




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