Blogging Tips to Grow Your Brand

In honor of my 100th blog post I decided to share some tricks of the trade I’ve learned over the last year and a half! Now I’m no expert, but I have found some techniques that have worked and thought I would share.


Stay Authentic

This is something I try to live by not only on my blog but in my daily life. I was made fun of plenty of times in school for dressing in unusual ways, but I didn’t let it bring me down because I was just being myself. We are all different in our own ways and that is what makes blogging so rewarding and exciting to be a part of. I follow many bloggers and while they may be wearing some of the same things, they style them in their own way.

Don’t take every collaboration opportunity that is offered to you and don’t represent something you don’t like. For example, I received a handful of emails for the wood watches… I HATE THEM. So even though I was offered product and compensation, I didn’t take it because it was not my style. You will never grow an audience if you aren’t true to yourself.  I want everyone to know that I will only work with a company that I really like and want to share my opinions on with all you.


Great example of being authentic, sharing moments where you look like an idiot to show you are real!!


Engage and Grow Your Audience Organically

Before starting my blog, I had no idea what I was going for. Although that has been half of the excitement, there is another ugly side to the blogging world that I wish was not there. I’m sure you have all noticed that person on Instagram who has 10,000 followers, but they hardly have 100 likes. If it isn’t obvious, they bought their followers. I have learned by watching closely and engaging with other bloggers, there are lots of untruthful ways to ‘get to the top.’ What those people don’t understand is that, they are not only hurting themselves by putting a price tag to their worth, but they are bringing other bloggers down by making followers and companies believe they are something they are not. I know this subject is very taboo, so hopefully the blogging gods do not strike me down on my way home from work today. This subject I am very passionate about. To my point, if you do not struggle through the process, the end results won’t be rewarding.


Build a Girl Gang!

There are plenty of great bloggers out there that genuinely do want to connect with other bloggers– find them! I have some gals on IG that we have followed each other for years and support each other through and through! I have met some really cool people locally too that I would have probably never have met if it wasn’t for Instagram.


PSA. HUGE thank you to Gina of G.E. Creative for saving my life and not letting me tumble to my death for these photos at the top of 5 staircases 🙂

Shop my Look

Sunglasses – Exact | Jacket – exact & similar (have this too and LOVE) | Scarf (men’s) – exact | Belt – exact| Earrings – similar | Jeans – similar | Booties (Old) – similar | Handbag – exact | Watch – exact  | Rings – exact & exact


20 thoughts on “Blogging Tips to Grow Your Brand

  1. I love your take on authenticity. I believe it really makes a difference; people want you to be YOU, not a magazine. It is always fun for me to feel like I’m actually getting to know someone through their blog.
    Your boots are fab btw.

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  2. YES YES YES to all of this! I’m still “newer” to this blogging world, but I am quickly finding out that there are a lot of FAKE personas out there…to each their own, but I’m going to focus on organically growing my following and really attract and connect with REAL people. Thanks for posting this, and glad to meet another fellow SC sister. 🙂

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  3. I love these! So simple but true. I absolutely agree with being authentic. I feel like even if it takes me longer to grow because I am being very selective about the opportunities I take, at least I will have an audience that trusts me. Once you lose that trust and are seen as someone who will take any opportunity for free product or money, it is so hard to change that perception. Thanks for sharing!

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